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Amy Wenslow

Selling with AI

PDF of a basic ChatGPT workflow

Angela Legh

Story Telling

Self Love Journal A 90-day Journey into Self Love

Aristole Karas


Next-generation money you can earn, grow, and use

Blanca Perper

Celebrity Branding

Webcast social media bundle

Captain Lou

Events on Water

Mastermind on the High Seas

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

Personal Growth

Vision Cast to explore the power of possibility!

Cheri Perry

Growth Leader

3 Ways to Cultivate GRATITUDE (& increase the bottom line) in your organization

Cheri Sotelo

Mental Health

45-minute consultation to determine if Executive Coaching with me is a match for your industry

Chris Salem

Public Speaking

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David T. Fagan

Event Host

Publicity, Promotion, Production

David Riklin

Strategic Partnerships

Catapult Your Business with the Joint Ventues Gift Bundle

Deborah Myers


GPS for Body, Mind, & Spirit

Donny Epstein

Epigenetics of Instant Change

Easy, practical, effortless strategies to instantly shift your energy and create instant change in all domains in your life

Doria Cordova

Financial Literacy

Redefine your relationship with money - and transform your life and business

Erin Lomen Jeck


TEDx Bible ebook and resources to land your talk

Gary Malkin

Universal Advocate

Portals of Awe Claim your free soulful entrepreneur package

Isabel Donadio

International Business

Jessica Sheehan

Content Creation

Portals of Awe Claim your free soulful entrepreneur package

Joel Bauer

Platform Closing

Two free high value zero cost gifts

Ken Ashby

Audience Building

Gratitude practice

Lee Romanov

Website Monitization

Income Website Review: How to make money online

Les Brown

Unleash Your Greatness

Explore Having Les As Your Mentor

Lila Veronica

Self Worth

10-Minute Heart Opening Practice

Linda Fisk

Women Business

Leadership Assessment

Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Coaching for Profits

How to Build a 7 Figure Coaching Business: Bonus Using AI

Lisa Nichols

Thought Leader

Impact Speaking Assessment

Maris Segal

Coaching for Profits

Gratitude practice

Nona Prather

Paid Speaking

24 Ways To Get Paid To Speak

Orly Amor

Public Speaking

A Complimentary 20 Minute Conversation with me

Richard Kaye


Five Secrets from The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation

Sharon Lechter

Finacial Literacy

[Free Guide] Define Your Own Personal Success Equation

Sharon Love

Psychology of Speaking

Inspire and Prosper! Empower Millions with Kindness. Free online masterclass

Shauna Van Mourik

Marking Systems

Client conversation call

Steve Bhaerman


Totally Quips of the Swami e-book of funny and pertinent quotes

Steve Eriksen

Event Production

Unlock the Secret to Building Your Business - FAST!

Steven Halpern

Healing Through Music

My entire DEEP Alpha album. Grammy nominee Brainwave Entrainment Music of meditation and healing

Virginia Muzquiz

Business Growth

Business by Referral Blueprint

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